Customer Relationship Management – CRM

Unifreight is designed to support logistics providers in implementing a company-wide customer-centric business strategy with the goal of solidifying customer loyalty. Unifreight provides CRM tools that enable international trade companies to build business processes and devise CRM methodologies that are focused on better serving customers.

Unifreight’s CRM solution helps logistics providers optimize customer relationships by integrating marketing, sales, operations, financials and service. Companies and their customers interact through every step of the business processes while Unifreight captures and analyzes customer behavior. Efficient sharing and management of customer information across the company delivers faster communication, enhanced customer support and improved customer satisfaction.

Major Features

  • Customer knowledgebase
  • Contact management
  • Rule-based generation of contact lists
  • Targeted distribution and circulation lists for reporting
  • Automatic generation of frequently-needed reports and complete auditing of report distribution: who got what information, when, and by what means
  • Tracking of customer commitment and potential, and prioritization
  • Analysis of customer behavior to aid decision making
  • Sales quotations based on tariffs
  • Shipment pricing based on sales quotations
  • Management of sales data and conversion to sales activity
  • Tools to manage the entire sales cycle: telephone conversations, meetings, alerts, reminders, follow-up calls
  • Sales force information for managers
  • Management of customer complaints and requests
  • Automatic generation of CRM events to resolve support issues faster